Linger (Dying is a Wild Night)

Linger (Dying is a Wild Night)

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Series: The Linger Thrillers, Book 1
Genre: Supernatural Crime Thriller
Tag: In Stores Now
Length: Novel
Publisher: Braun Haus Media, LLC
ISBN: 069243707X
Every crime scene has a feel. An emotional residue that lingers. Join detective Kate Messenger and her two new friends, Noah Weston and his blind young companion, Christopher—an extraordinary boy with the uncanny ability to see what no one else can—as they work together to find the madman who butchered an entire family...
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“Linger is an utterly bone-chilling, compulsive read that will grip you by the throat from the very first page. One of the scariest stories I’ve read in a long, long time. You don’t want to miss this captivating new series!”
~Tess Gerritsen, NYT bestselling author of the “Rizzoli & Isles” series.

Every crime scene has a smell. A look. A trail of DNA. It also has a feel. An emotional residue that lingers.. floating unseen, like bacteria in the air, just waiting to be absorbed. To be felt. To be interpreted.

And the man and the boy are the only ones who know this.

Veteran major crimes detective, Kate Messenger, has a problem on her hands: six bodies—father, mother, three children and the family dog—all  slaughtered in their own home, with not a single clue or a shred of DNA that points to the butcher who killed them. But late one night, as she’s visiting what the newspapers have dubbed the House of Pain, Kate finds a couple of intruders at her crime scene: a man and a young blind boy who have no real explanation for their presence there.

In the hours that follow, Kate will discover that this is no ordinary boy—not by a long shot—and his ability to “read” the emotional residue left behind by the killer and his victims will not only open some old and very tender wounds, but may also help her find a killer who has been watching her every move…

With a cast of characters as complex and fascinating as Breaking Bad, Edward Fallon takes the reader on a rocket-fueled zip-line ride of terror. Interspersed with scenes of horror so realistic it feels that you – the reader – are right there, Fallon uses flawless character introspection to describe the mixed emotions of ordinary people tracking Evil with a capital ‘E’. His trio of intrepid hunters have all been victimized in one way or another by the killer known as The Beast, and while they do stop and consider their actions – and potential consequences – they do not, cannot, stop in their mission to find the killer and bring him to justice one way or the other.

Along their way on the journey, they meet and deal with equally complex and fascinating characters in every town or city they visit, always finding themselves caught up in a circumstances that need to be resolved before moving on. A cross between The X Files and The Fugitive lends an aura of otherworldly fear to the series, as The Beast continues to elude them with almost supernatural ease, always staying one step ahead of those who hunt him. Fallon has achieved the rare combination of showing Humanity at its Best and its Worst at the same time, and the books will “Linger” in your mind long after you’ve read them.

~J. Carson Black
Author of the Laura Cardinal Series, THE SHOP, ICON, and the forthcoming Cyril Landry thriller SPECTRE BLACK.

“In his literary debut “Linger: Dying is a Wild Night”—the first of many volumes in this enticing series—Edward Fallon has expertly crafted a multilayered, thought-provoking supernatural crime thriller whose three-dimensional characters (the tough but tender Kate, the insightful and haunted Noah, the courageous Christopher, and the enigmatic antagonist: The Beast) drive the intricate plot as though they were, with nuanced fluidity, navigating through the central California streets that serve as the primary setting for this novel. Fallon’s talent as an author will serve as a fine driving force for Braun Haus Media.”

~Peter A. Balaskas
Pushcart Prize nominated author of “In Our House: Tantalizing Tales of Terror”

The publisher wishes to acknowledge and thank
Robert Gregory Browne for his contribution to this book.

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