Linger 5 (The Death of Dreams)

Linger 5 (The Death of Dreams)

$3.99 (ebook) $8.99 (print)
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Series: The Linger Thrillers, Book 5
Genre: Supernatural Crime Thriller
Tag: In Stores Now
Length: Novel
Publisher: Braun Haus Media, LLC
ISBN: 069246218X
Kate, Noah and Christopher find themselves inexplicably drawn to a small town in Michigan and soon find themselves trapped by a raging snow storm in a secluded house that has seen its share of horrific violence—and isn't done quite yet...
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“You don’t want to miss this captivating new series!”
~Tess Gerritsen, New York Times Bestselling Author of the Rizzoli & Isles series.


Every crime scene has a smell. A look. A trail of DNA. It also has a feel. An emotional residue that lingers… floating unseen, like bacteria in the air, just waiting to be absorbed. To be experienced.To be interpreted.

And only the man, the woman, and the boy know this.

It starts with a “pull” they can’t quite explain. All three of them feel it–Kate, Weston, and Christopher–but none of them know why they are drawn to this small town in Southeast Michigan in the middle of winter. Before long, they are confronted in a diner by an oddly formal man with a cemented smile who warns them away, because he knows, you see. He knows why they have come here.

And in the next few hours, Kate, Weston, and Christopher will know, too, as they find themselves trapped in a house in the midst of a raging snow storm. A house that has seen its share of horrific violence… and is about to see more.

We’d like to acknowledge and thank
Rob Cornell for his contribution to this work

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