About Us

rob-websiteBraun Haus Media, LLC is the brainchild of critically acclaimed author and AMPAS Nicholl award winning screenwriter, Robert Gregory Browne. Our mission is to produce “fiction for the rest of us.” Nothing pretentious, just tried and true, skillfully written thrillers, mysteries, paranormal and romance novels, that do exactly what they need to do: entertain the hell out of you.

Our books are available primarily for Kindle, Nook, Kobo and iBooks, but we also make print editions available for those who still prefer paper, which can be found online at your favorite print retailer or in many independent bookstores.

Braun Haus has a number of series to choose from, written by Browne himself and several other authors, with many more to come in the near future.

We love to read and we love readers. If you ever have any questions about us, our authors, or the books we publish, feel free to contact us. We answer all of our email.

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If you’re interested in reviewing any of our titles or interviewing Rob or any of our authors, please contact us. We’re happy to hear from you.